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Poem. Prayer. Riff. Second take. Re-make.

Unstinting criticism and infinite tenderness.

Whereas the inverted pyramid (standard format of 20th century American-led journalism) begins with the end and is structured as if to confirm that the result was always predetermined, i.e. each prior segment of the story is already locked in to the final outcome, i.e. cause and effect are hermetically sealed;

Whereas 1960s New Journalism changed the running order of journalism and its modus operandi (from event analysis to personal narrative) but maintained the assumption that the characters caught up in the narrative were always going to do what they eventually did;

In contrast to each of the above, Singing The News tries both to capture the essence of the eventual outcome and release the possibility of different eventualities. This on the basis that:

What’s done was not done until someone went ahead and did it. And even after having done it, that personmight still have behaved differently.