The worst kind of left-wing leftover, with your childish complaints about meedja spooning capitalist conspiracy into the masses.

All the clichés from the old days of anarchist ‘direct action’. Also known as young people trying to validate themselves by messing about with guns; talking themselves into the free act, which in their hands holds no more significance than a boating accident.

In 1994, when five people died after two of your associates managed to botch their first robbery (so much for the rest of the series), the press ignored their political motivation, claiming that Audry Maupin and Florence Rey were copying Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis in Oliver Stone’s film, Natural Born Killers. No doubt you complained about the trivialising tendencies of tabloid journalists…..

That’s rich, coming from your clique of narcissists.

And have you recently picked up a smattering of religion? Anti-Zionist, are we? Vaguely Islamist now the anarcho-whatsit-whatsit isn’t anything anymore?

Mr Dekhar, I had nothing but contempt for you until I saw a photo of the block of flats you lived in 10 years ago, while working in a restaurant here in Britain.

Ilford, not-quite London; non-descript 1990s new-build. Yellow slabs and a little white tower on top. When the letting agent said ‘plenty of light’, he must have meant the thickness of the walls. So thin you could pick them up and carry them.

Now I understand if it was you playing at Deckard in Blade Runner, convincing yourself that Abdelhakim’s run would go down in history. Aged 48 you may have answered the echo of your own fading voice, choosing to hear it as the last call to action – pump action shotgun; anything to escape the Life of Lite.

Still stupid; but understandably so.