They would have to de-Afrikaans-ise the plot: Reeva, maybe. But no characters with surnames sounding even a little like Mein Kampf. Similarly, to the rest of the world ‘Waterkloof’ could be Dutch for lavatory, so the accused, when granted bail, must reside instead in his uncle’s house in Beverley Hills or perhaps even the Bois de Boulogne. Replace Pretoria with Paris or L.A. and there’s no need for that oddly metallic accent. (To the unfamiliar ear, each, sharp sentence seems to leaves a trace of blood in the mouth.) Re-located and only partially re-written, the Pistorius case would surely be an Oscar-winning drama: Daniel Day Lewis will have amputated at least one leg in preparation for the part; on opening night, Anne Hathaway will keep up the nipple count; and of course Blade Runner himself would feel right at home here in Hollywood. But only a jury can decide whether this fantasy film should be named after Truman Capote’s ‘factual novel’: In Cold Blood.