Blown off – and not just the bloody doors. Exposed by explosions, the inside of a block of flats revealed like the set for West Side Story. Look at those balconies, crudely constructed out of iron bars: modernist Mondrian meets original Broadway set designer Oliver Smith – fantastic!

Beneath the flats, Breugel-people sift through white debris in search of survivors; asking themselves, ‘how can dust be so heavy?’ Milling around they merge into one: crowd, community, peasantry.

The whole scene is glazed with light. Did the bombs rain down at dawn? Exposed interiors brightened from Pantone PMS 7502 to PMS 7500 (beige to cream); suffused in the same way as Tintoretto, Canaletto, Fra Angelico.

This is Aleppo, rebel-held Syrian city in the aftermath of air raids, as photographed in this morning’s newspaper. The tint in the scene comes from the block of red (Pantone PMS 185) in the Vodafone advertisement on the other side of the same sheet of paper.

By dint of this, I stop to see these people and their torn city instead of turning over the page.