Strands of pale dirt-track against a background of lurid green, but the camera is focussed on a fugitive (baggy ‘urban’ clothing, bareheaded, is that a pigtail waggling at the back of his head?) climbing out of a red SUV (stolen Dodge Caliber; awkwardly parked off-road). Follows him as he hesitates, then breaks into a zig-zag run. A few strides and he stumbles into the sand; rolls himself up again, runs forward a few more paces then veers off the track, knee-deep into the grass. Looking for cover? No escape from the camera-eye. Staring down from the studio (Fox News, Studio 5), commentator Shephard Smith employs a deliberately casual tone (semi-demi-tone short of a full draaawl), inviting us to note the perpetrator’s erratic behaviour: he could be using as well as losing. But maybe this is him taking back the initiative. Going against the run of play, he stops, turns around, now back-to-camera. Uses his right hand to reach for something secreted on his left side. Brings it out, raises it in his right hand, points it at his temple. Hardly a pause……Is this a performance for the camera, or an act of simple desperation? Even if he knew himself, we never will. Hardly a pause before he falls, face forward. By the time his body hits the ground his pants have come down a couple of inches. Shephard Smith has further to drop. The studio camera catches him, bug-eyed, shouting for the police-chase live-feed to ‘get off it, get off’ this unexpected death.