Justin Welby, newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, quizzed on BBC Radio 4 Today on falling church attendances and the future of the Church of England.
Thinner voice than his predecessor, Rowan Williams (ret’d), he of the fruity baritone. Photos ditto. Welby seems lightweight by comparison: small chin, the bishop’s mitre looks too big on him; more Rowan Atkinson than Rowan Williams.

No mistaking the calling in his voice, however. Thinner; but maybe more effective? Likewise his business oriented vernacular is possibly more pertinent: the ‘what we do’, and having to be ‘very intentional and very flexible’.

Welby’s voice cracked at a key moment during the interview: ‘what we do is the worship of God and to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ’, where ‘Jesus Christ’ showed momentary hesitation and/or a not-quite accent; either a way a hop, a skip and fault in the Archbishop’s enunciation.

Aha! We all heard the fault in your faith. So you can’t quite believe in it yourself. Gotcha!

But perhaps that’s what the people want: the sound of faith faltering and then the recovery of belief.