(1) Ariel Castro’s house on Seymour Avenue is ‘yet to give up its ghosts’ (May 2013 when his three women captives were first discovered). Today it is a ghost: there is a dark shadow haunting Lot 2207, imprisoned there by Google Earth which obliterated the house online before bulldozers moved in to finish the job.

(2) The white clapperboard house would have been a building block of the old Dream (built 1892). As featured in Walker Evans’ pioneering book of photographs-as-art (1938). But the American Dream – well, that’s what it always was. Evans’ most famous pic is the Pin-Up of the Dustbowl (the beautiful woman who would have been sexy, too, if she hadn’t been strung out by real hard times). Now on Seymour Avenue the old Dream Home is remade as nightmare; all the more dreamlike because it no longer exists