Girl crying, the man carrying her appears to be smiling: ‘even if it’s not the doll you wanted – well, darlin’, you better take what you got’. Children in single file, the fingertips of each one resting lightly on the shoulders of the child in front. Grown-ups shepherding them, holding back the first-in-line who’s getting ahead of the game. Christmas in Reverse, that’s what it’s called, the awful game that came to Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut (‘Connecticut’ – make that Tucitcennoc). Instead of the Nativity, a death scene devised by Santa’s evil twin. Where there was life, he takes it away; where there is sunlight – a sparkling day in New England, Atnas reverses it and darkens the soul. Hence the crocodile of children evacuated by State Police; the girl with downturned mouth who’s heard what happened inside; or perhaps she was brought out of there alive. On this day, in this terrible place where live seems to run backwards.