Uninvited…..can’t complain. Repeatedly ignored……what good would it do?
In thirty-odd years, we’ve learned to make a life out of little things;
That’s what the lesser people have come to – if not you, also.

Normally we stand back to let you do the talking. Not completely different
From before, though in days of yore the bastards were
Our bastards – that was something to even the score.

How shocked you were when the numbers came in. Had to laugh
When we saw your face. Took it we’d Remain in our place, didn’t you?
Set yourselves up for a put-down; now you can’t accept the message with good grace.

Don’t make a point of saying you’ve ignored us.
Dog bites man, sanfarian: you try telling yourself what you already know.
And the new ‘listening’ sounds like therapy – dear God, deliver me.

We’ll end by saying simply this:
If you can’t act accordingly……
Just let us alone.