Instead of prompt resolution, i.e. Crimea Annexed, this time the fomentation of civil unrest, i.e. Crisis Deepens. With a light touch light the touch paper and retire, only in order to re-appear as peacekeepers – reducing ethnic tension; curtailing civil war.

That’s the plan, but which side is being talked about here – Russia or the West? The same could be said of either: they’ve both been stirring up strong emotions; then stealing away with faces covered or wearing a well-rehearsed expression.
Note from the Fashion Police: if you can’t go for the Balaclava round here, where can you be seen in one?
In the realm of realpolitik, the plot is always thickening, bubbling away like Bisto. Meanwhile in Liverpool on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, or in Boston a year after the bombing, there is only the absence of guile; abdication of self-interest in memory of the dead; the transparency of innocence.
I think not. Rather, after loss of son or daughter, I suspect every step out of bed has to be negotiated. Rounds of diplomacy are required to answer the question of self-determination:
Why should I be, when my child is not (to be)?
Recurring question, secret diplomacy, successive rounds – all before you’re out the door.
Be advised: there are no absolutes of innocence or experience. Behind the balaclavas, even veterans wear both of these. Hence the mask: to hide the other side.
And the line about Fashion Police? Only something silly to undermine the iconography.