[dropcap]The[/dropcap] name’s a compound cliché – you couldn’t make it up.
Who wouldn’t scorn such Fury – uncrown him for the lumpen things he says,
If this Miles Gloriosus were simply true to type?

Both vain and brutish, boasting too highly of himself
But without due self-regard – that’s the swaggering soldier role
Tinker Tyson’s been boxed into.

Yet this fighter boxes clever. In the ring, looking more maimed than wounding,
Hanging down his left arm lies loose; head hardly ever still, bobbing relentlessly
Against the other’s inability to step out of the box.

Hence a whole series of opponents – thwarted; ‘ungainly’ gains the day.
And those comments – Fury admits he has a gift for saying stupid things.
Describes his own approach to life – if I’m drinking, I’m drinking till I fall down,
As the attitude of an idiot. Savvy?

At birth Tyson Fury weighed in at a single pound – that’s how much weight
We should give to his mouthing off about gays and women always on their back
(How conservative is that?)

Same as we set no store by him choosing Aerosmith (another Tyler!) to serenade his wife with.