And what are reporters for?
Without the need to know of far-flung dominions
To formulate opinion, acting in unison with decisive effect.

Goodbye to all that. But haven’t you said there’s more for journalism to do?
Something about a drowned boy and a moment of integrity
Constructing what we have in common.
Doubtless you didn’t mean for it to draw a virtuous circle of patrons and their profugees (refugees deemed worthy protégés by Western benefactors);
Minus the mucky migrants not much mourned.

Nothing more to be said, then. Even ‘fail better’ was said better the first time.
In the end there is only blind determination to keep on looking;
Seeing as we are the sum of how it doesn’t add up.

O what a carry on – migrants for carrion, is this all you can do?
O what a carry on – migrants for carrion, this is what I do.