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May you never lay your head down, face down in the wine-dark sea. May you never lay your head down in the hold.

You’re just like a great Big Brother to me, the Secretary for Sending Me Home. You’re just like a great Big Sister to me, the Minister for Beating Me Back.

So what would you, what would you have her do? Send in the clowns – a hand to hold instead of the strong arm of the state? Meanwhile, Britain’s home grown working class – feeling the pressure of the next wave, ‘white trash’ under fire from incoming – would be left out in the cold, presumably.

On 20 August UK Home Secretary Theresa May signed an agreement with French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve setting up a new centre from which to command joint operations to control migrants seeking to cross the Channel into England.

During a tour of the Eurotunnel site in Coquelles, Mrs May explained that the control and command centre will prioritise the relentless pursuit of people-smuggling gangs.

Her emphasis on trafficking may have been designed to draw attention away from the plight of the migrants themselves. Thousands are currently sleeping rough in a camp outside Calais known as The Jungle.

Many of the migrants making their way to Western Europe have already borne the brunt of civil war and economic collapse following the long wave of failed Western foreign policy interventions stretching from Africa to Afghanistan. Mrs May chose not to suggest that events which served to put migrants in the hands of ‘callous’ people smugglers, were often made in the West.

May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold.

May you never make your bed out in the cold.

(with apologies to John Martyn)