Flicking from general election to martial law – not much more than changing a light bulb.
Sold to the United States a century ago, when Spain needed the cash.
Americanised, yet every inch the Far East.
A long line of disaffections: each generation must have its own (communist, nationalist, Islamist).
The militant group now showing allegiance to IS started out as a ‘family militia’.
Who told Islamists to look like icons of Jesus – or even take his name?
The President’s in shirtsleeves, doing the business: unusual business where there’s no counting the cost; his USP is order at any price.
Waves of civilisation crashing over these islands: Hindu-Buddhist, Islamic, Catholic. Talking about women, the head of state still speaks barbarian.
Successive breakaways and the different headgear of their respective leaders; from the outset on the lookout for the best deal with central government.
Always ready to rain – except when already raining?
Lining up to get away, thousands waiting patiently between the fire fight and the Army road block.
Normal life….to be resumed….further disruption included.