‘Amputate his hand without anaesthetic’
Baying for the blood of this God-like medic
‘Rogue’ surgeon’s powers of knife and death….
If his head were severed, no intake of breath

Kathy Griffin turns the plastic head around,
So the lens won’t catch the white patch not covered in fake blood.
Hers is a comic performance for the camera, drawing on the tragedy
Wrought by ISIS executioners, also performing for the camera-eye.

Down the decades, was Ian Paterson method-acting as the galloping doctor?
As gourmand of the chest area, slicing & dicing where Trump only copped a feel.

Here a breast to be removed – unnecessarily, as it turns out. To another patient,
We can save your cleavage if we operate only here – insufficiently, as it turns out.
(God save us from men playing God, except when we need them to be infallible.)

Meanwhile a Muslim surgeon treating victims of the Manchester bombing, cannot comprehend the make-up of Salman Abedi:

‘I don’t understand how someone who professes the same faith could have such a discordant view of life.’

But how many of us are truly harmonious? Paterson points to discord even in a surgeon’s performance, ending in terrible strife.