Jeremy Joseph Christian: the name needs saying with a flourish
As a flourish (without drawing undue attention to itself).

Not so the man who bears the name: all bulk and no substance
Jobless, homeless, restless; and his frequent ranting is normally of no consequence.

I wonder which version (of himself) he sees as himself?

In a courtroom in the state of Oregon earlier today, did he regard the charge of aggravated murder as the perfect gest of a whole-life pattern?

Headline in his head: White Supremacist Fulfils Destiny As Two Men Killed For Coming To The Aid Of Women Perceived As Muslim.

Or is he terribly surprised to see the new pattern forming around him?
(As prison guards centre themselves on the defendant in the dock)
Never been more than random before….

Headline: Chaotic Lifestyle Creates Senseless Violence

Or neither of the above? Because, as I sometimes fear,
This here may be a sadly mistaken attempt
To transpose real life into a register that isn’t quite right for it.