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  1. Besides the unexplained ‘ping’ or ‘hum’ coming up from the seabed off Canada’s Baffin Island, as voters go to the polls to elect the forty-fifth president of the United States, the American political class has been forced to listen to an unprecedented pinging noise given off by its disgruntled electorate.


  1. Strange noise trumps known facts; ‘post-factual’ Trump, strangely effective presidential candidate.


  1. The inexplicable noise issuing from underneath the Fury and Hecla Strait between Baffin Island and the Canadian mainland; the sound and fury rumbling up from scorned American voters, understandably heckling all who’ve sailed so long amid the self-serving currents of mainstream politics.


  1. Scaring away the wildlife; spooking the Washington highlife.


  1. Not that the baffling sound of Baffin Island Sound needs a conspiracy theory to explain it. We just haven’t worked it out yet. Not that voters haven’t worked out Donald Trump yet. Just that many of them want this on record: we the people find the American elite more unaccountable than he is.