‘Down below, pull the handle.’
Sounds like tomcat Trump’s instructions to his latest puss.
But, no – it’s TV host Billy Bush having to show The Donald how to get off the tour bus.
Easy to laugh when man makes mockery of Man.
But how did that part of us he represents,
Wherefore we doth protest so much, ever get into this parlous state?

Is it that storm force winds have whittled us down to who we really are,
And all that Maketh Man is merely Mannerism? If not,
Then what turned Youth into this cartoon? Pop-eyed and bulging,
Beaverish with a Roy Orbison comb-over, every woman his Mighty O.

Even the apology ’s another mockery in the making.

They’re building a water city: criss-cross canals and houses light as boats.
No, this is one of those towns in Haiti with names like French perfume,
Smelted down by hurricane winds and tides.
Timbers no tougher than the lattice on a loaf of bread,
Ramshackle houses that were bound together somehow,
Now raw and open like patients etherised on operating tables…..

Or America exposed, Hope abandoned, talking pussy and showing all she’s got.